Omega 3-6-9 capsules are almost always worse than capsules with just omega 3 fat acids. The first reason for this is that the nutrition  provides an excess of omega 6 fat acids. This results in an inbalance in our body which can be corrected by using omega 3 fat acids.  Omega 3-6-9 capsules are inferior because they contain the omega 6 fat acid linol. This does not lead to an amelioration of the situation because we get an excess of linol on a daily basis. We don't need extra linol. On the other hand, if the omega 3-6-9 capsule contains a different omega 6 fat acid, namely gamma linoleen, then the product is better than an omega 3 supplement. Unfortunately this is hardly ever the case. If the product doés contain gamma linoleen, it will be a lot more expensive. please always check the ingedrients declaration of the 3-6-9 product to see if it contains a high dose of gamma linoleen. If this is not the case and if it contains omega 6 fat acid linol, please think of your health and just go for omega 3. 


Pets often often get bad nutrition just like their owners. This is not done conciously but as a result of the well functioning marketing of many well known pet food companies. They contain vegetable and animal ingredients, not suited for human consumption. They are also not suited for animal consumption but unfortunately this is not prohibited. This supermarket and pet store food often, though not always, contains the wrong balance between omega fat acids. The concentration of omega 6 fat acids is higher than omega 3 fat acids. Seeing fish is as healthy for dogs and cats as it is for humans, your dog or cat benefits from some fish oil from time to time. The effective dose can easily be calculated according to the weight. A dog of 30 kg can be given a fish oil capsule every other day, one of 15 kilo once every four days. 

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