Cooperation conditions


1. Scope of application

1.1. All agreements with and by DEGOMEAT, with registered office located at 9300 Aalst, Langestraat 170 and registered in the register of legal entities under company number 0461.340.116, are exclusively subject to the following general terms and conditions (hereinafter: “Conditions”).

1.2. Any order from the customer implies the unconditional acceptance and obligation to comply with these Conditions, which have absolute priority over any unilateral document of the customer. 

1.3. Degomeat does not agree with the applicability of any other general terms and conditions, regardless of whether they are referred to in correspondence or sent to Degomeat. 

1.4. Deviating terms and conditions are only valid after express and written acceptance on our part. 

1.5. These Terms and Conditions together with the (if applicable) order form form the entire agreement and replace all previous written or oral agreements. 

2. Orders

2.1. Each order is binding and irrevocable for the customer and is an acknowledgment of the Conditions even if the order is not in writing or if it has not been signed by the customer.

2.2. The orders are invoiced at the agreed prices and conditions. Any duty or tax payable or payable on DEGOMEAT's prices is always borne by the customer. 

3. Deliveries

3.1. A delivery term indicated or confirmed by DEGOMEAT is in principle always purely indicative. The opposite only applies if DEGOMEAT itself, by way of an obligation of result, undertakes in writing and in clear terms to very strictly comply with a delivery term. 

3.2.. DEGOMEAT is not liable for delays in delivery due to force majeure. Force majeure refers to any event independent of the will of the parties. 

3.3. DEGOMEAT is also not liable for delays attributable to its own suppliers in the delivery of essential parts. Apart from a possible cancellation claim, the customer waives any other remedy and in particular the award of any form of compensation not provided for in these Conditions. 

4. Prices

4.1. Unless otherwise stated, prices are net cash and exclusive of VAT, import duties, taxes and/or other duties or levies imposed by the government; excluding the costs of storage, packaging, loading/unloading, exchange rates, insurance and transport to the address specified by the CUSTOMER; excluding exchange rate changes to the extent that they have an impact on the original quotation; without custody fee; without discount and stated in Euro amounts. 

5. Payment 

5.1. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, all payments are payable in cash at the latest 30 days after the invoice date at the registered office of DEGOMEAT or by bank transfer and are due without discount or without any deductions. The day of receipt on DEGOMEAT's account counts as the day of payment. 

5.2. The term for protest against an invoice expires 8 days after the invoice date and protest must always be made to DEGOMEAT by registered letter. Complaints and/or protests do not suspend the payment obligation on the part of the customer. 

5.3. Any invoice that is not paid within a period of 30 days after the invoice date will result in the following, by operation of law and without notice of default: 

- late payment interest of 12% per year, to be calculated from the invoice date to the date of full payment; 
- compensation is due which is fixed at a fixed rate of 10% of the outstanding invoice with a minimum of EUR 50.00; 
- all other outstanding invoices become immediately due and payable. 

6. Transfer of ownership and risk

6.1. Notwithstanding Article 1583 of the Civil Code, the customer only acquires ownership of the purchased item upon full payment of the price, principal, any interest and costs. Until the transfer of ownership, the customer is not entitled to sell, rent, pledge or in any way dispose of the purchased item and/or make any changes that could reduce its value.

6.2. The risks relating to the purchased goods are fully transferred to the customer from delivery. 

7. Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

7.1. Belgian law applies to all relationships between the parties. 

7.2. In the event of forced recovery or dispute, the company courts in Ghent, Dendermonde division or the Court of First Instance in East Flanders, Dendermonde division or the Justice of the Peace of the Second Canton of Aalst are competent. 

Terms of use regarding the website

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